As a teacher, I know that presentation and substance are important. And I know that being comfortably well dressed is a part of one’s presentation because that allows you to show up as who you really are. I am always well prepared regarding my subject matter and in how I present myself to my audience and fellow participants. Therefore, I wear high heels because they complete my circle of elegance. I bought shoes of well-established brands and improved on them. Improving on them meant making them more comfortable to wear for long periods not only by building in supports but also by removing accessories, replacing heels or straps, or having them re-soled.

CC Shoes
Examples of shoe alteration. These shoes have fitted insoles by Skergeth.

All the tricks I discovered during that exercise over many years are being used to create CC shoes today, and that is what makes the shoes special. Here’s what we at CC shoes do differently. We…

  • Stop the “flow” of the foot towards the narrow restricted front part of the shoe
  • Build in the appropriate types of support including arch support to prevent prolonged misplaced pressure
  • Create flexibility by offering interchangeable uppers in selected articles
  • Position the seams and accessories carefully so as to not cause pain
  • Choose materials to ensure that the climate in the shoes is perfect
  • Focus on being good to our bodies and to the environment

CC shoes will take the wearer to the world of real luxury – the state of great comfort and extravagance. Imagine with me, a world in which you will never again have to hobble around like a grizzly because your feet are killing you. Imagine once more, a world of pure elegance and grace – the world of CC shoes.

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