Catherine Mary Winkler

Hi, I am Catherine and I am a co-founder of C & C Lifestyle. I am one of the C’s in C & C lifestyle. The other is Christian. I am also a teacher, fashionista, health and social justice enthusiast. As a teacher, I help the next generation prepare to take their place in society and they in turn inspire me and help me to grow. My students have contributed a lot to what I have become. I am now moving into the next phase of life where I am expanding my skills as a fashionista in the production of C & C Lifestyle Fashion. I have an obligation to look after my health and that of people in my community. But that is not all. As humans we have rights, needs, ambition and aspirations and I know that it is our divine right to pursue these things and to work with others around us to achieve their life’s purpose. I place great value in good leadership, which is not about trampling on the rights of those we do not like, but is about empowering everyone to be their best. I model this philosophy in my health, appearance, finances, and community and most importantly in myself- my person: for if I cannot lead and guide myself, I cannot lead or guide anyone else.

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