Do this and improve your health by at least 90%

“Our microbiome consists of 40,000 species of bacteria, 5,000,000 species of fungi, and 300,000 species of parasites. 90% of our health is determined by social, environmental and behavioral factors.” 90% of our health is as a result of our behavior, our social connections and the state of the environment that surrounds us. This means that 90% of our health is determined by our lifestyle and only 10% of our health is determined by medical intervention. Well then… isn’t it amazing that most people focus 100% of their time on this 10% medical intervention? It would make sense to focus 0% on medical intervention, and 100% on the 90% purely because everyone can. I can take care of my environment (to a very large extent), my behavior and my social connections. In fact, only I can. No one else can do it for me. With medical intervention, on the other hand, I am giving over control to the medical-industrial complex or some other caring entity. This is because I cannot do my own eye surgery, for example. I am not in any way saying that medical intervention is useless. You only have to think of accidents, broken bones and heart surgery to understand its place in keeping a body alive.

Health Benefits of Breakfast Seeds

Here is why I focus 100% on lifestyle factors:330A5609.jpg

I can inform myself and do what is best for my body. I am in charge. This means I avoid the pharmaceuticals which are mostly ineffective. As maybe 99% of them are derived from petro or synthetic chemicals, which the body cannot recognize. At best your health stagnates; at worst, they cause harm by leeching out of your body the remaining natural substances that are so vital. Once you get hooked on one pharmaceutical drug, chances are that you then have to expand into taking others. You have to deal with the side effects of the side effects of the side effects of the pharmaceutical drugs. An example would be being on the drug, gliclazade, for diabetes and then you feel nausea and then you are given another set of pills to combat nausea. This next set will cause dizziness and you’ll be given yet another drug to act against the dizziness and so it goes on until you get to a stage where you are so drugged and addicted to the pharmaceuticals that you cannot function and then you are in depression and now you really have to pay attention, but you cannot. You are up to your eyeballs in trouble.

If you concentrate on the 90% lifestyle factors, your health improves dramatically, because you can eat to improve your microbiome, the organisms that are actively interacting with your biology affecting everything from your brain chemistry to the way your hormones work, to the way your body uses nutrition or absorbs nutrients, and your mood, and even your cravings. So it makes sense to cultivate those organisms that will further your health and be nice to you. Cut out the overly processed non-foods that feed the ugly organisms in your gut and cause disbiosis. For optimum nutrition, I concentrate on eating the foods that grow, mostly raw, sprouted, blended, juiced, fermented or lightly cooked. I look and feel amazing. You can too!

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