Your Real Leather Shoes May Have As Little As 20% Leather in Them. They Are 80% Plastic and Glue!

I was surprised to see this article in Vogue. See link below. Seems Vogue also thinking about people’s health with regard to fashion.

Plastic Shoes…

However, the problem highlighted in the article is not limited to those Cinderella glass-slipper type of shoes that you can see through. This same issue arises with shoes and boots lined with reconstituted leather also knows as “bonded leather” which only contains as little as 20% real leather wastage. Wastage being the operative word here.

So when you buy shoes that are sold as real leather you are actually subjecting your feet to the same conditions and worse as highlighted in this Vogue article.

CC Shoes are made of 100% real leather which has been tanned using vegetable matter. Therefore it does hurt the environment, the people who work with the leather, or people who wear the shoes.

Reducing your TOXIC LOAD is really important. Maybe just as important as eating healthy. Get educated about your fashion. Much LOVE.


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