As our awareness improves, we understand that everything is connected and everything is energy. We know that our thoughts can affect our mood, behavior, performance, relationships, health, etc. We have heard about Chaos Theory and the butterfly effect. Well, if all of this is true, then it stands to reason that the shoes you wear can affect your life in ways that you have not perhaps imagined or accepted. We are whole; therefore, dis-ease in one part of the body can have consequences for the entire body.

Further evidence of our interconnected systems can be found below in these excerpts from Dennis Richard’s book. This book is full of information that can be used by anyone to restore or improve his or her health.

From Dennis Richard, Your Health Is Your Choice – Chapter 16

While hosting my Health Talk Radio show, around 1999 I was fortunate enough to interview Hal Huggins, DDS, who wrote It’s All in Your Head. He believes that most health problems can be addressed with proper dental care…

(Dennis had an infection in his tooth)…I guess because it was not painful at the time, I never thought about treating the infected area. My focus was more on my heart, and I didn’t really understand the relationship between my teeth and my heart at that time. The anxiety of going to the dentist exacerbated discomfort in my heart, and I was now becoming more certain that my teeth were more directly related to my heart than I had previously thought…

Chinese medicine charts the chakras and meridians. Chakras provide energy to the meridians, which then provide energy to the organs. A meridian is best described as an electrical loop that passes through the mouth and 2 or 3 teeth. When the teeth are damaged, pulled, or infected, the electrical flow is blocked and this can affect an organ associated with that meridian. It can cause stress on an organ or, as in my case, a heart attack

So we see that dis-ease in one area can affect the whole body system.

And so it is with our feet. We see from reflexology that points on the soles of the feet correspond to the major chakras which provide energy to all our organs. We must keep the energy flowing to our organs and throughout the body.Then taking care to choose the right kind of shoes, high heeled or flat becomes very important. You do not want to cram your feet into heels that make you feel that you have been transported back into the foot-binding era. And that does not mean unattractive but comfortable shoes either.

Because I know how important an issue this is, I created CC Shoes. CC Shoes are built with the health of your feet in mind, taking you away from the notion that sexy shoes equal agony and eventual deformity. I am a woman making shoes that I can use and by extension you can use them too. In CC shoes you take inspired steps not hobble around in agony. In CC Shoes you are energized as your chi flows freely. You have wriggle room for your toes even as the pumps hug your feet making sure that you step gracefully and elegantly, allowing you to fully concentrate on the task at hand.


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