Where people shop matters. I make it a point to support establishments that have ethics, integrity and good moral fiber. I make it a point to support businesses that are not only interested in making profits, but are also focused on providing the best service or product they possibly can. In this way, I invest in and promote my kind of values because helping those businesses to succeed is a way to spread my values. I support wellness, community, social justice, education, and our common humanity.

Before we became obsessed with globalization and mass production, churning out substandard items that do not exactly work well for anyone, people supported local businesses and these businesses, in turn, delivered their best services. They were keen to serve their communities, as often the people in these communities were also part of their extended family.

Working with love          Churning out the goods

Communities were self sufficient, and that meant for example, that the barber trimmed the beards of the doctor and the baker. The baker provided baked goods to the town, and so it went on…People knew who their tradesmen and service providers were and literally everyone produced something; people were not only consumers of products from faraway places. The distance is not the worst of this scenario, but the lack of care, the lack of love, which sometimes manifests in the sub standard products that are shipped around the world, is. The key here is to enhance community and that is not necessarily limited by distance. Your community can be all around the world.

The people who put chalk and other harmful white stuff in baby food in China did not have the interest of the public in mind. The workers at those plants were also part of the community, but they did it anyway. This is the Russian Doll effect. The layer on the outside knows nothing about what’s going on inside. Many people are ignorant of the end, or at least they do not give it much thought; yet they are the cogs that make it possible. They see only their part and not the whole picture.

Need I say more?

I find that when I return to the ‘ancient’ model of business, not only is the quality of service excellent, but I also play my part in strengthening small businesses in my community. For example, I get my skincare products from a trusted source, Margaret Rose Apothecary. My face oil serum and gel serum are bespoke and made with love. She listens to feedback and acts to ensure that users get the desired results. When did your skincare brand ever ask how they could improve on things for you?

b01-01 (1)

When it comes to food, we find organic or Demeter standard farmers close to home. We shop from REAL health food shops, and, for example, we get our goat’s milk for making kefir directly from a farm, unpasteurized. We build relationships with local farmers and that has made a huge difference in the food we consume.


These goats kindly provide us with fresh unpasteurized milk for our kefir

As Ocean Robbins of the Food Revolution recommends Farmer’s markets and community supported agriculture (CSA) programs as a great way to support local organic farmers and to invest in your health at the same time. So are independent, locally owned natural foods stores and coops. And if you want to save 30% or more off typical Whole Foods market prices, while having 100% non-GMO foods delivered to your door, there are businesses, which provide this outstanding option as well.

Ocean also says that, “In the end, every purchase you or I make is a vote. So it’s up to each of us to use our dollars to vote for the health and the future we deserve”.

So, where I shop matters, and I look for best practices in the businesses that I support wherever they are located. This is one way to build a fair and just world for our common humanity. Where are you? Is this something you can stand up for?


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