What Makes Me a Shoe Expert

Well… I have had more than twenty years of experience in high heels – comfortable high heels. If they were not comfortable at the time of purchase, I have them altered or customized to ensure comfort and usability for long periods. This means that my shoes work for me silently and efficiently. I say silently because they are not obviously in view. They just lift me to another dimension and help to seal my movement with elegance and grace. This is because my gait in heels tends to be more graceful. Because I am comfortable and pain free, I can concentrate 100% on my tasks and never have to think of my shoes no matter how high the heels are.

Ibrahim, a professional shoemaker from Syria did most of my shoe alterations. I spent hours and hours watching him work and I learnt a lot of the what, how, and why of shoe making.

For well over 15 years, I have had some shoes orthopedically fitted with insoles to improve fit. For this I go to Skergeth of Leibnitz and Deutschlandsberg.


Please note that my feet are well cared for and the skin is soft. Each pair of shoes that needs alteration is fitted with its own insoles or arch support. I generally avoid using the little pads and removable insoles because they usually do not give me the results that I want – perfectly comfortable shoes with no prolonged misplaced pressure.

Production. We work with a factory and a team of dedicated people mainly in Italy, but also from other parts of the world, who contribute to the production and success of CC shoes.

SHOE COLLECTIONS by C&C LIFESTYLE are heels for walking. The creative director, Catherine, is A REAL SHOE EXPERT.

Catherine out and about in CC shoes.

Every shoe design is rigorously tested to ensure comfort and wearability.

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